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Winter Crafts | Tealight Holder

Updated: Oct 21

One of our popular craft sessions which was hugely enjoyed by our crafters was when we decorated glass jars to light candles in. The packs included tea lights, glass jar and a pack of paint pens that can be used to decorate any surface, each pack included a pack of these pens which the kids got to take home and create more arts and crafts.

We started off by designing a landscape of what we would like to draw on our jars on paper, it gave everyone a chance to think about their design before they drew on the jars.

When these jars are used in a dimly lit room with the tealight you get a wonderful, flickering colourful glow come through from the paint work.

Due to the popularity of this session we are running another similar session with mason jars and more paint pen packs to take home for kids to add to their arts and crafts kit. Find the event here:

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