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The Wholefood Pantry

One of my favourite authors, Amber Rose not to be mistaken with the American celebrity and Kanye West's ex.

Amber Rose is based in New Zealand she is an advocate for healthy living and in these books she shares her nutritional recipes to help you change your pantry and kitchen staples from the usual processed ingredients to healthier alternatives and options that are easy to put together in any recipe.

I would say this book is a very informative and transformative book it will change you life as it educates you through the recipes about which flours are best to use instead of your bog standard plain\self raising flour.

My kids are 7 and 9 and they both love the recipes in these books, they really do enjoy the healthy snacks that we have created from these recipes which have now become staples in our hour like the Anzac cookies and the date and maple pecan loaf cake is always a hit with guests.

I've been following Amber Rose on Instagram for years and I love how she shares her kefir recipes, food tips from her pantry and lots of lovely inspirational content for a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle. Amber Rose

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