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Sweet Laurel

Sweet Laurel was the first book to be released by Laurel Gallucci and Claire Thomas. This is a story of two lifelong friends with a passion for baking who went on to open a bakery and specialise in whole food, grain free desserts. I love this book, it taught me a new way of baking, as someone with more knowledge on Ketogenic recipes these recipes are still indulgent and still contain sugar but on another level of goodness where it is just a little more forgiving, perfect for health conscious parents. I may prefer to live on a mainly Ketogenic diet but I would prefer my kids not to be on the same types of foods that I am having, they are kids after all.

The recipes are gluten free, omit refined sugar and some are event vegan and paleo friendly. I think this is one cookbook I can say hands down that there is something in here for everyone.

Each page you turn has simple instructions clearly laid out with the most aesthetically pleasing images. You can tell a lot of thought and planning has gone in to make sure that this book has been perfectly curated for the reader.

My favourite recipes would have to be the Matcha Custard Pie (pg139) and the Vanilla Coconut Jam Cake (pg168) I enjoyed this book so much I had to purchase the savoury edition the second it was released. I have yet to make the time to go through the recipes on this one but once I do I may put up a few recommendations.

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