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September Wellness Workshop

Updated: Nov 11

The September Workshop was lucky, for us it came with wonderful weather on the day. We had a casual relaxing afternoon which started off with an introduction to the day and to each other along with a sage cleanse ritual to start the session.

To warm up we moved our bodies to a tantric session of guided mantras and completed this segment with breath work. I wanted to teach and remind the women how important it is to breathe properly, a daily factor of life that we do subconsciously take for granted.

Deep breaths help to oxygenate our organs. When you take a deep breath, you fill your lungs with more air. Oxygen is essential for the proper functioning of cells in your body. It is used in various metabolic processes to produce energy, and without an adequate supply of oxygen, your cells can't function optimally. Other benefits include stress reduction, enhanced focus, digestive benefits and improved sleep.

Whenever I get anxious or nervous I use breathing techniques to slow down my heart rate and try to control my thoughts.

The introduction was then followed by 30 minutes of beginners' combination yoga. Keeping the session easy enough for everyone to do but I also like to make sure everyone breaks out in a sweat. Sweating is great for detoxification and Yoga has so many benefits. I have over 20 years of experience practising different types of yoga ranging from Ashtanga to Bikram. Over the years I have noticed how I have advanced in my capabilities with certain moves, I remember there was a time I was unable to even squat properly or do a downward dog without struggling.

This in itself should bring motivation to do more and to be even better.

The many benefits of yoga include; pain relief, enhanced digestion, strong body, weight management, emotional balance, stress release, spiritual growth.

You will never do a session of yoga and feel any regret afterwards. Join us online for free sessions.

We end our workshop with a hearty low carb, low sugar home cooked vegetarian lunch and some peach ice tea. We had on the menu:

Roasted vegetable quiche

Spicy red cabbage slaw

Truffle balsamic green salad

Fresh fruit salad

And Keto cake for dessert

Washed down with a home made peach ice tea.

This lunch has been designed using my keto knowledge and integrating important experiences I have had on my journey with food, different diets alongside my physical health over the years. I truly believe if you can cut back on carbohydrates and sugars you can liberate your health to truly assisting your body to function at its best ability to repair and survive itself from the day to day aggressors.

The quiche and the spicy slaw recipes were requested many times and I have promised to write these up, keep an eye out on these pages for updates in the food section. The quiche however is available to order online.

We look forward to our next Wellness Workshop in November tickets are available to purchase online

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