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June Wellness Workshop

The first Wellness Workshop kicked off in June officially launching Artists’ Apothecary in the health and wellness world. Artists’ Apothecary has been around for a while now but with it being a multifaceted organisation it has taken a while to grow and cohere it all together. The ethos has always been there I think it just needed the right time to actually make it all happen and for it to officially all come together

The June Workshop was extremely nerve-wracking, I don’t do public speaking and I was worried about all the things that could go wrong. I decided to limit the number of ticket sales so I could have a manageable number of guests attending the event, I also catered the event myself. We had on the menu:

Roasted veg low carb quiche

Asian style spicy red cabbage slaw

Shredded green salad with Truffle balsamic glaze dressing

Low Carb fruit and cheese board

Fresh Peach Ice tea

And to finish it all off with my famous Keto Cake

The menu was designed to be completely meat free and low carb/sugar free. I wanted everyone to feel refreshed and enlightened when they left the workshop inside and out. As someone who has been on a long journey with food and getting to a happy place understanding how food groups work I always recommend to live life by a sugar detox. I want people to feel educated on the way food groups work and how they can find ways to change their diet to work best for them..

My Keto cake was created using my my baking and keto knowledge, I didn’t use a standard recipe and to my surprise it has been a huge hit with many people and surprisingly even kids.

Each guest at the event was gifted a wellness skincare pack full of goodies and a reusable bottle of spring water made out of biodegradable sugar cane. Everything used to serve lunch was plastic free or reusable.

These personalised bags where curated with a home DIY facial in mind to unwind of an evening, it included the Korean sheet masks, Rodial lipmask, under eye collagen patches, Sakura blossom scented sleep masks for the eye, low sugar nut and chocolate bar and more.

Join us for our next wellness event, they will be run monthly at the same venue.

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