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Milks and Juice

If you want a nice selection of healthy books to look to for inspiration and some nutritional knowledge I highly recommend these two. Whilst plenish is great for juicing and i mean healthy juicing where you aren't raising your sugar levels and possibly giving yourself diabetes their recipes give you easy, simple and a balance, the new milks however give you a breakdown on all the dairy alternatives you can have as well as recipes you can incorporate into the everyday use of these 'milks'.

Both very different books but they have a lovely layout on each page with all the info needed for each recipe with lots of great images. If there is one thing I love and need in a recipe book it is great images. It has to be aesthetically pleasing.

Check out the creamy mushroom soup on page 51 of The New Milks and the green juice Flirt, page 74 of Plenish. They also have a small section on milks if you only wanted to have the one book. It is also perfect to do activities with kids and teach them about nutrition.

The added bonus for me with these books is a lot of the recipes are Keto friendly. It is hard to create fresh juices from scratch that are not loaded with sugars, Plenish makes it easy and cost effective. Keto aside there is a common misconception that fruits are good for us when in reality majority of them are full of sugar which is fine when had in moderation and alongside another food group to counteract a sugar spike.

Both available on Amazon.

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