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Lockdown Crafts Clubs

Updated: Sep 16

The kids crafts clubs that we run started back way when the pandemic hit and we were thrown in to lockdown with uncertainties of when the kids will go back to school.

I was concerned with how isolating it would be for my girls who are hugely sociable and at their happiest when with their friends and cousins.

I decided to make craft packs and make them available to purchase online for craft sessions to be held via zoom. Time and date would be set, the packs would be sent out and my girls would gather on the kitchen table with their packs.

The kids online became fast friends and they were encouraged to speak and read about certain topics as each session would involve and educational aspect from the curriculum. Each pack would include supplies for our session and then extras for them to make use of with all that time stuck at home.

As the weeks went by, they then turned in to months, lockdown rules and guidelines would change and I was able to have some of the regular crafters physically join us still with our zoom community of kids ranging from Bristol to Manchester.

When lockdown was finally over and the kids were able to be back at school, the craft clubs carried on as after school clubs which made up for the ones that the schools were no longer running due to covid regulations.

It was a tough time for the kids but we got through it.

The craft club activities have created wonderful memories and crafts that the kids have kept and treasure some are displayed in their bedrooms like a gallery of installations and we love to see it. Who would have thought something so underrated would bring the kids so much endless joy.

Here are some of the images taken during the sessions from my famous kitchen table

These sessions have obviously moved to a different location and we are currently using a beautifully landscaped location in Barking Riverside, London. You will find more images of the more recent craft clubs on the other journal pages do have a little snoop!

In the meantime these sessions will expand to different areas/venue locations, do look out for updates.

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