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Homemade Houses

Our craft club session for home made houses was a huge hit and an activity that the kids were super busy with throughout the entire session, the kids took their houses home and were inspired to make more pieces of furniture to add to their grand designs. My two enjoyed it so much that they made two more houses at home and have now created a little village of cardboard houses of miniature furniture with fantastical interior design decor all with crochet rugs, sparkly chandeliers and little bedside tables.

You can easily recreate this craft at home you will just need some stationery supplies and a glue gun for the furniture.

For this craft I created a split level cardboard box for an upstairs and a downstairs which came with a bed and table. Alongside this there was an abundance of patterned paper, sparkly gemstones, crochet granny squares and much much more to play with and become their mini interior designers.

Our craft clubs are run monthly on a Sunday afternoon, you can find more info here

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